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Patient Testimonials

"I am a sufferer of chronic headaches. I have suffered from 5 – 7 headaches per week for seven years. The cause was unknown to me but it appears it was due to my spine. It’s been nine days since my last headache - the longest its been in seven years."
-Rebecca L.

"Very few headaches and if I do, they are so minor. No more numbness. I sleep better and wake up better. I actually wake up refreshed. Finally."
-Rachel N.

"My lower back hasn’t hurt at all. My head movement has increased at least 20% on each side and I can also look up higher. It feels so much better. Thanks Dr. Robin."
-Duane C.

"I am not in the medicine cabinet searching for Advil or Tylenol on a daily basis. I also had a blood allergy test done, and realized certain foods could be the trigger of my headaches. "
-Allison L.

"Relief from back and shoulder pain which has made me less irritable! Also, no headaches!"
-Theresa C.

"I’ve been headache free for approx. 2 weeks now. (After one month of treatments). I feel great and I don’t remember feeling this good through my previous Chiropractor."
-Michelle C.

"I smoked for almost 10 years. I tried to quit gradually and cold turkey. I never stuck to it. I would always start up again. Dr. Robin told me to try acupuncture. I have been smoke free for one year!!"
-Jennifer F.

"I never knew Chiropractor care would make such a difference until a friend told me. I urge anyone pregnant to try it. I had a hard pregnancy, my hips were popping out of place and my back always hurt. Dr. Robin helped with adjustments. Also, she helped “move things along” when I was overdue with pressure point therapy. I believe that because I saw Dr. Robin regularly, I was able to have a natural childbirth."
-Jennifer H.

"My head is held straight up. My shoulders are up and back. My right arm is fully usable. Rotating of head and neck is back fully again. Unbelievable with normal blood pressure of 120/80. No pain!"
-Richard S.

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Patient Testimonials

"Wonderful results! Much less tightness and NO PAIN, even during exam week in Masters school. I can concentrate better on school and work as a nurse since my pain and tightness has decreased."
-Kathy U.

"I was on meds and a regular Rolaid user (6 a day) for heart burn and after my 1st week of Chiro care I was heart burn FREE!"
-Heidi S.

"I have suffered with daily headaches for 13 years. The severity controlled me, missing school, work, etc. I came to the Chiropractor and stopped daily meds. I feel better now than I have in years."
-Allison L.

"My son was diagnosed with a skin rash that was very rare and considered “untreatable”. Dr. Harstad recommended we test for food allergies. We found he was reacting to cow’s milk and other foods. His rash is 80 – 90% gone."
-Matthew P.

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